Accounting, Taxation and Consulting Services in Milton and Area.

The partners of Beaumont Elder Accountants, LLP each have over 20 years of public accounting and taxation experience.  We provide complete Accounting, Taxation and Consulting services for small to medium sized business’ and individuals from the start up or acquisition phase to the sale, retirement or succession phase.

Providing an unmatched level of quality and service!

 We work with you to meet your current and future financial objectives and minimize your taxes.

The Beaumont Elder Differentiation

As your business evolves, we are able to support you not only as savvy accountants, but also as trusted business advisors.

  • Personal Service

    Personal service

    Every client is treated as an individual and you and your business are unique.

    At Beaumont Elder, you will receive our direct and immediate attention when you contact us. We will personally meet with you before every engagement to ensure that we have a complete understanding of your goals and objectives. We will meet with you during and after an engagement to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the services that were provided and the results that were achieved.

    Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you and your business to ensure that your goals and objectives can be met.

    Trustworthy, responsive and reliable

    Trustworthy, responsive and reliable

    Our recommendations are based on what’s best for you and your business. We understand your business and the pressures you are under to run it successfully. No matter your question, we are here to investigate, respond, and solve your issue. We listen carefully to your concerns and calmly execute on your requests. We do what we say we are going to do on a timely basis. And we respect your privacy: all client communications are considered strictly confidential, without exception.



    Whenever possible, we alert you to opportunities to gain operational efficiencies, adopt smart tax planning strategies, and leverage technology tools.

  • Expert Advice

    Expert Advice

    All advice is offered based on in-depth knowledge and years of experience.

    At Beaumont Elder, we have extensive knowledge in all areas of tax and accounting that allows us to identify potential issues during an engagement.  Virtually every transaction has multiple implications to a business and/or to an individual. Claiming a deduction now may minimize tax now but increase tax later. Obtaining that one new customer could require further tax compliance issues.

    Through our multi-disciplinary expertise and knowledge, we can offer you the reassurance that these potential issues will be considered and dealt with.

    Practical and thorough

    Practical and thorough

    We attend to routine compliance and financial tasks so you can focus on generating revenue.

    Clear and precise

    Clear and precise

    Our recommendations are clearly articulated, complete and informed. We pride ourselves on being excellent communicators. Should you need further explanation, please let us know. It is our job to ensure your understanding of all of your accounting, taxation and consulting needs.