Business Consulting

We offer strategic business consulting that provides clarity and focus to your businesses to help you grow and maintain profitability.

We specialize in small business accounting and we take the time to develop a real understanding of your business as well as the market that you are operating in.

As your business advisers, we can help with many areas of your business:

  • preparing interim financial statements (monthly/quarterly);
  • preparing business plans and financial projections for potential lenders;
  • assist with asset purchase decisions;
  • new product line investment decisions;
  • employee incentive plans;
  • business valuations;
  • managing cash flow through good and difficult times;
  • changes in ownership;
  • sale of a business and succession planning;
  • business start-up;
  • business expansion;
  • reorganizations for tax and business purposes;
  • negotiations of all types;
  • CRA audits;
  • new accounting systems.

If you have questions or want to discuss your business one-on-one, call us. We will listen to your concerns and provide insight, perspective and advice. A word of caution though… we tell it like it is so you might not always like our response… but, isn’t that what you should be paying for?

Every business has its own needs and objectives.

We work with you to discover and define yours, providing insight, information and strategies on an array of topics including planning, growth management, dividends and other key issues. And when you need additional specialized advice or services such as corporate lawyers, U.S. tax specialists or Chartered Business Valuators we are happy to make referrals to advisors you can trust. They will provide you with proactive approaches for improved efficiency and increased profitability.

This approach ensures that you take full advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you whether it is through the execution of an acquisition strategy or identifying new investors and developing new partnerships.

  • Strategic Guidance & Solutions

    We help you grow a profitable businesses by delivering strategic and tactical financial information that shapes smart decision-making.

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