Not all tax returns are simple and straightforward to complete.

For those individuals who incur employment expenses on behalf of their employer, own rental properties or are self-employed (including contractors and other professionals), there are several tax deductions and credits available to you on your tax return which are subject to various conditions and restrictions.

We will take the time to ensure that you claim all available deductions and credits to minimize your personal tax and also ensure that you are meeting all other reporting obligations that come along with your business.

Custom Solutions for Your Specialty Service

  • Employment Expenses

    Guiding you how to claim the right employment expenses on your personal tax return.

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  • Self Employed

    Maximize your self employed expense deductions and use our tax planning strategies to minimize your taxes.

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  • Rental Properties

    We have the experience and knowledge to help you understand the tax reporting required for a rental property.

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  • Home Renovation Construction

    We can help you sort out and understand the unique complexities of your renovation business.

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  • Independent Contractors

    Helping you understand the types of expenses that are tax deductible, so that you can save a bundle come tax time.

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  • Professional Corporations

    Helping professionals such as a doctors, lawyers or chiropractors understand the unique tax rules that apply to them.

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