Corporate Taxation

Business and Corporate Tax Preparation & Filing

Minimizing corporate tax means more cash is available to invest back into the business and investment means growth so we know that this is a top priority for you. Minimizing your tax burden requires knowledge, expertise and planning by a corporation which begins with having the proper corporate structure in place.

We will use our knowledge of the business and of the shareholder to determine an effective corporate structure which will minimize the corporate tax while maximizing the overall return to the shareholder/owner. We will ensure that the corporate structure provides for the flexibility required for the changing needs of both the business and the individuals.

Virtually every business transaction by a corporation has either a direct or indirect tax implication and as tax laws are continuously changing, it is important that you engage a professional who has the knowledge and expertise to recognize these potential tax implications.  By investing our time to understand your business, we can recognize these potential tax issues, anticipate their potential impact and ensure that you comply with the respective tax laws while minimizing your taxes.

  • Business and Corporate Taxation

    We prepare provincial and federal corporation income tax returns and ensure that you take advantage of all available tax savings.

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