• CRA targets tax-avoiding merchants using Square payment system

    Beaumont Elder Accountants is here to help you thrive. Just reach out to us so that we can discuss your situation. Our contact information is listed below this article. Just getting started with building a business? Online and in-person merchants should be aware of responsibilities to submit your income at tax time. If you have […]

  • Advice for For New Canadians: Pay less tax

    New Canadians are often shocked by our high tax rates and there is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to offsetting your tax situation. But the good news is with the right person on your side you can navigate the system you will find the right deductions and tax credits to minimize […]

  • Ready for the April 30th tax deadline? Avoid penalties and your refund early!

      We all procrastinate. Organizing paperwork and completing taxes is not a sexy task but sitting on your refund could be the one thing that keeps you from that coveted beach vacation.   Read Justin’s story on why putting your taxes on the back burner should be avoided as it brings unwanted stress into your […]

  • Get Tax Ready! Last year for a number of common tax credits

    Tax season is here and we would like to see you armed with knowledge to make the right decisions around your tax planning. Here are a few items to note around changes coming your way related to taxes: The federal government is ending four child tax credits this year: arts, fitness, education and textbooks in […]